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Building Careers
with ISC

We have created a framework to define job families, develop career paths within the job family, and then set expected competencies for such paths.

Candidate assessments are completed to document their current skills, experience, and career goals. Documenting is done through channels that all coalesce, those channels are performance reviews, career assessments, and employee self-assessments.

Based on the assessment of each employee, we identify potential career paths that align with your skills, interests, and career goals, including vertical or lateral moves, as well as identifying opportunities for development within your current role.

Once potential career paths have been identified, individualized development plans are created for each candidate. These plans outline the skills, experience, and knowledge, essential competencies needed, to progress along your chosen career path.

Regular pulse checks and reviews are conducted to monitor your progress toward development goals, through tracking completion of training programs, performance reviews, or progress made on the job toward specific competencies.

We tailor this plan to each individual candidate and can be adapted as time goes on. As candidates gain new skills and experiences, their development plans will change to ensure they remain on track to achieve their career goals.

Completing all of this would be a personnel development representative (PDR), who is responsible for supporting and promoting the professional growth and development of employees within an organization.

The PDR plays a critical role in helping employees grow and develop in their roles, all of which will lead to improved job satisfaction, employee retention, and overall organizational performance.

Let Us Be The Project Manager Of Your Career Path

At ISC, we do not take control of your career destiny. You are the driver and we are your co-pilot. We help you find what your next steps are but you are in control of your career journey. What do you want to do next? Not sure? We help you find the right career path based on your skills, passion and career interests.

Some recruiters try to convince candidates to take jobs they aren’t interested in. We vow to always have your desires leading the way in our career search.

People We Place

From engineers in every field to project managers, quality assurance and control specialists and beyond, ISC sources senior-level talent with decades of experience. We assist candidates in their quest to find their next career move. Career mapping and consulting are our passion. We don’t want to just fill your next position; we want to help you along your career trajectory. What is next?

Successful completion of each stage is essential to ensure the project meets its objectives, is completed on time, and within budget.

Let’s find out!


At ISC, we understand the importance of benefits and its impact on deciding your next step. Candidates are eligible to participate in our company sponsored benefits during their time with ISC. Please contact us for more information about the details of the plan and which one would be right for you and your family. Learn more about our benefits packages by contacting us today!

Continuing your Career
with Continuing Education

Every employee is offered continuing education courses to grow both, personally and professionally. We believe personal growth leads to professional growth. Therefore, we offer leadership training, skills training and certification courses, emotional intelligence courses and more.

ISC Project Types:


Brady Hobza
Project Manager at Phillips 66

ISC has consistently supplied exceptional services to our company for years. The level of response, completeness and follow-through on commitments has contributed greatly to numerous refinery projects. From estimating, to planning, to field execution and project closeout, ISC has proven to be a significant asset to our project team and a key component to our success.

Charlie Dodd
Turn Around Director at Phillip 66

ISC has always come through with top-level personnel and real solutions to our needs here. The knowledge of the employees has proven to be exceptional, along with a level of commitment that is not often seen with contract services. When bringing ISC on board, I can always be confident about the level of service we will receive.

Mark Doherty
Project Engineer at Kestrel Engineering Group

As a consulting engineer, I have used ISC for total installed cost estimating on many refinery projects. ISC’s extensive field and estimating experience has contributed greatly to the accuracy of my estimates. I can always count on ISC’s attention to detail, completeness and flexibility to meet the demands of my clients.